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Brazilian Keratin Treatment
Formaldehyde Free

Sunpure straight keratin treatment is Brazilian creativity combined with advanced American technology. It eliminates frizz and curl while revitalizing and conditioning the hair. Its unique forumula is revolutionary in that it uses 2 types of natural keratin: Human hair keratin & Botanical keratin.

Human hair keratin goes further into the cuticle than any other form of kertain because its molecular structure is smaller.

Botanical Keratin fuses with and encapsulates the hair cuticle to guarantee longer lasting results.

Botanical Vitamins:
Sunpure Straight ® formula is enriched with vitamins from plants such as apple pulp and vanillin (a single molecule component isolated from the vanilla bean).

Sunpure Straight® formula is Formaldehyde FREE. We strongly believe in safe products for clients and hairdressers alike. This is why we developed our straightening system without formaldehyde and its harmful side effects.

Same Day Hair Color Services:
Sunpure Straight ® Keratin Treatment is so gentle and safe that it can be applied the same day after a hair color service without any damage or breakage to the hair.

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