Facials Diamond Peeling Facial
Pulsed Light Technology

The Diamond Peel:  Treatment for Face
30 Minutes

This exciting new skin therapy quickly rejuvenates your spin and works to refine complexion lines, wrinkles, and diminish brown spots.  The result is vibrant, healthy skin with an unmistakable youthful glow.  There is no discomfort, chemicals, down time or lifestyle inconvenience.  Optimum results are achieved in a series of treatments.

The Diamond Peel Experience:  Face and Neck with Mask
60 Minutes

The assimilation quality of the skin after a Diamond Peel™ is exceptional.  This an excellent time to nourish, re-mineralize and re-balance the skin with masks and serums.  Treat yourself to this complete rejuvenating program and see how microdermabrasion restores the tone and strength of the skin.

The Diamond Peel Experience:  Diamond Perfection
90 Minutes

Relax in luxury and let us pamper you while we gently restore your youth and beauty.  The treatment begins with an aromatherapy neck and shoulder massage to relive stress and create a sense of well being.  Next the Diamond Peel™ rejuvenation process begins.  After the face and neck peel, renewing serums and a soothing toning mask is applied while your hands receive their own special treatment and mask.  Meanwhile, a foot massage completes this marvelous head-to-toe delight.

The Diamond Peel Experience:  Neck, Chest and Décolleté
40 Minutes

Get sexy when you recondition the skin and refine the texture of the chest and décolleté.  Microdermabrasion gently erases the signs of time, minimizes pigmentation marks, produces renewed tone, color and delivers softness to your skin.

The Diamond Peel Experience:  Young Hands
30 Minutes

The Diamond Peel™ is not just for your face. Now you can have lovely hands by restoring their youthful appeal.  An intense renewing mask to complete the therapy follows this concentrated microdermabrasion treatment.

Localized Peel with Nourishing Pack (Arms, Elbows, Knees)
Arms:           40 Minutes
Elbows:         30 Minutes
Knees:         30 Minutes

Show off again by bringing back that healthy glow and smooth, soft skin.  Microderabrasion is the perfect, easy way.

Stretch Marks
Abdomen:        40 Minutes
Breasts:           30 Minutes
Hips:               30 Minutes

Minimize the appearance of these unsightly and embarrassing marks in the skin with a series of microdermabrasion treatments.  Even the toughest stretch marks can be improved over time.

Back Glow
40 Minutes

Refine the skin on your back to create smooth skin and a healthy glow and eliminate those temperamental breakouts.  Experience the Diamond Peel™ and relaxing backpack for the full experience.

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